USB Grabber, a software for auto grabbing data to your USB storage

USB Grabber 3.0

USB Grabber 3.0

ü What does this software

This application grabs all files that you want from a PC to your USB storage. The advantage of using this software is in grabbing file without asking any question and without any permission. When you plug your USB storage to a PC this Application start to grab and finish it's grabbing automatically.


ü System Requirement

This software runs in MS windows Vista without any problem but in any other OS you must install MS .NET Framework 2.0 or higher version .You can download it from .

A new instance of USB Grabber 3.0 that runs without .Net framework is also available. If you want to have it, you can mail me with below e-mail address.


ü How to use

For running this software correctly, only you need 'USB_Grabber.exe'. This application will run by clicking on USB Grabber.exe and you can set the options in settings form by clicking on settings button. After that you must copy USB_Grabber.exe and configuration.xml file that created by clicking on save button in settings form in your USB storage. You can make your USB storage as auto run by clicking on 'autorun file' in settings form.

All files that you set for grabbing will save in 'GrabbedData' folder and in a folder with the name of time and date. Also, a file with the name Result.Log will save in the same folder. This file contains some information about errors and some other things. You can open and read it with notepad.

All files even hidden and system files will search and grab, so for viewing these kinds of files you must enable the ability of viewing hidden and system files in your OS.


ü Changes in this version

·         Optimizing search engine and not case sensitive search engine.

·         Search keywords in any languages.

·         Use shortcut key such as Ctrl + F12 for access to main form, Ctrl + F11 for starting or canceling grabbing files, Ctrl + F10 for access to settings form, Ctrl + F9 for opening 'GrabbedData' folder and also Ctrl + F4 for exiting USB Grabber.

·         Hiding 'Autorun.inf' file and 'GrabbedData' folder.

·         Avoiding running USB Grabber when it is running.

·         Check correctness of search keywords.

·         Correcting tray icon bug.

·         Checking available free space of USB storage before starting USB Grabber.

·         Do not searching CD-DVD drives, Windows drive, Floppy drives if you do not want to search them.

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